Photograph of Kathy Akatiff
by Lacy Atkins of The SF Chronicle

An Update From
Friends of The Juana Briones House
Winter 2010-11

Dear Friends of the Juana Briones House:

Before the moment is lost is a photo of Kathy Akatiff, supporting the cause of Juana's Home. It appeared with an article on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle, November 30, 2010 and is at SF
Kathy and I have long supported the cause of preservation of the home of Juana Briones, a distinguished Hispanic woman whose home, built in 1844, still stands, but, unless an Angel comes forward, seems doomed to destruction.
~ Clark Atakiff

'Palo Alto Briones abode step closer to demolition'
by Bob Egelko, Chronicle Staff Write

The 1844 Peninsula foothills home of Juana Briones, a pioneering rancher, businesswoman and herbalist, may soon be demolished, with the permission of a state appeals court.
Owners of a tract in Palo Alto that includes the vacant, earthquake-damaged adobe residence - one of the oldest homes in California - won an important legal round last week when the Sixth District Court of Appeal denied a rehearing to preservationists who challenged a demolition permit the City Council approved in 2007.
A Santa Clara County judge had ruled in favor of the Friends of the Juana Briones House in 2008, saying the city should have conducted an environmental review that included consideration of alternatives to razing the home.
But the appeals court said a demolition permit, under the Palo Alto ordinance, is an administrative act with clear-cut standards, rather than a subjective decision that requires an environmental study. When a city authorizes demolition based on objective criteria, the court said, state law provides no special protection for historic structures.
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(Message is pending from Jeanne Farr McDonnell for this update...)

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Here is a description of Jeanne's book about Juana:

"Juana Briones de Miranda lived an unusual life, which is wonderfully recounted in this highly accessible biography. She was one of the first residents of what is now San Francisco, then named Yerba Buena (Good Herb), reportedly after a medicinal tea she concocted. She was among the few women in California of her time to own property in her own name, and she proved to be a skilled farmer, rancher, and businesswoman. In retelling her life story, Jeanne Farr McDonnell also retells the history of nineteenth-century California from the unique perspective of this surprising woman."

Friends of the Juana Briones House
Jeanne Farr McDonnell
Clark and Kathy Akatiff
Tony Cisneros
Corri Jimenez
Professor Al Camarillo
Your humble webmaster, Sally Watrolik, of InnerVisions Design
and All of You!

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Our Public Relations Team brings together an enthusiastic group with experience in community leadership, education, fund raising, law, and business.
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Thank you for your continued interest in Juana Briones' Heritage and our progress in saving her historic house from demolition and our plans for a living history program.


A Handful of Adobe, A Houseful of History...One Woman Built it, All of us can save it.

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