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The National Park Service web page on Juana's early life in San Francisco, including her home in the Presidio and the site's archeological study.

The State Of California's listing of historical sites in Santa Clara county-Juana's site is number 524.

Yearly excavation studies by Stanford Cultural Anthropology professor, Dr. Barbara Voss, uncovering new information about the lives of first-generation Californios.

The Small Business Administration's Women's Business Center celebrating Juana's accomplishments in conjunction with Women's History Month.

Bolinas Museum receives Mexican-era documents concerning the Briones family and the original Mexican land grant for Bolinas in Marin County, CA.

Women's Progress Commemorative Commission. Download the pdfs regarding Women's History Sites from the NPS database.

Cultural History
Somos Primos focuses on Hispanic heritage and diversity issues. They also have a special edition publication about the Black Latino connection.

Bobby Vaughn's Black Mexico givees a brief overview of slavery in Mexico, sharing current culture of Mexicans of African descent living in Costa Chica.

Descendants of early Hispanic settlers, Los Californios, have an extensive source of
scholarship, events, and geneaology material.

The California Pioneers of Santa Clara County, established in June of 1875.

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Building With Mud ~ Encajonado ~ Rammed - earth and other techniques
Even if you don’t think you like to get your hands muddy, you may change your mind when you see the beautiful, inexpensive, and eco-friendly houses built with earth.

Cob, a centuries-old building technique used in houses still standing from 1549, is enjoying a world-wide resurgence.

Earth Architecture's archived references about earthen structures & refrigeration from Africa to Australia to Juana’s historic house. One half of the world’s population, 3 billion people, live or work in buildings constructed of earth.

Sunset Magazine's article describing the new earthen-building industry happening in the U.S.--- from David Easton’s PISE technique to David Eisenberg’s straw bale buildings.

The Healing Power Of Plants
Special exhibit entitled Natures Pharmacy at The San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers. Also, a kid's page.

Curanderismo: Folk Healing In The Mexican American Community. An article with sources and links from the University of Texas at Austin.

Medicinal Plants Summer Workshop at New Mexico State University describes the findings of Hispanic and Native American students with regard to medicinal plants.

New Mexico State University's listings of Medicinal Plants of the Southwest, with descriptions of medicinal and other uses.

The National Park Service Plant Field Guide includes cultural uses of native plants, including Yerba Buena mentioned here.






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