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Economic Woman: From Eliza Pinckney to Oprah
, January - February, 2003, edition of Harvard Magazine features Juana and other American businesswomen.

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Image Sources
Artist's conception of Juana Briones by Robert Gebing, from Florence Fava's book. Gilbert Richards Publications, 1979. Courtesy of  The Los Altos History Museum.

Photo of namesake niece, Juana Briones, daughter of
Gregorio. Courtesy of Dolores Richards at Bolinas Museum, Marin County, CA.

Penny Bauer, photographer, image of Briones metate on timeline.

Painting of De Anza expedition courtesy of Tumacácori National Historical Park, Tumacacori, AZ.

Choris watercolor paintings of the Presidio and Native Californians courtesy of Bancroft Library.

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