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The Juana Briones Heritage Foundation

At Juana Briones Park, re-dedicated in February 2006, you will find new and extensive play areas for children, an historical section with a permanent information board detailing the life of Juana Briones and a heritage oak slab on whose rings are noted significant events in Juana’s life. Both were created with the assistance of the Foundation.  

Park sign at entrance

More Events

Juana Run

The Annual 8k Juana Run is held at the Juana Briones Elementary School in Palo Alto, California. This annual PTA event raises funds for two neighborhood schools: Juana Briones School and Barron Park School..  The Barron Park Neighborhood Association wholeheartedly supports the Foundation’s goal of preserving the Juana Briones house. They have endorsed the JBHF with a formal letter of support and a prominent article in their association newsletter.

Presidio NPS Ranger Programs

National Park Service rangers lead educational programs in the Presidio of San Francisco about Juana Briones' early life. Juana Briones: A legend, A Woman (Crissy Center Program)
Join me on a walk remembering one of the Presidio's legendary women in history. We will walk to El Polin Spring picnic area where I will tell you about Juana's life and also about the recent archeological discoveries at this site. Families with children 7 and up. Meets at Crissy Field Center. For schedule, call 415-561-4323 or 415-561-7752.

After The Dig
Archeology Laboratory Open House, from June 20 to June 23, 2005, at The Presidio Archaeology Lab, located at 230 Gorgas St. in San Francisco's Presidio.

In 1992, NPS archaeologist Leo Barker identified El Polín Springs as a location where archaeological remains might be found. In 1997, Barbara Voss, then a graduate student at UC Berkeley, discovered archaeological deposits at El Polín Springs during a survey of the Tennessee Hollow Watershed.

Very often when people think of archaeology, they think about digging. But in truth this is just the tip of the iceberg. Pieces of the puzzle begin coming together, showing what life may have been like for the Briones family during the Spanish-colonial and Mexican era of the Presidio. Learn what the Stanford Research Team discovered and recovered from this site.

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